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A pioneer and an innovator, Rauland has been setting new standards for integrated communications technology and service for more than 80 years.  From our headquarters in Mount Prospect, Illinois, we've built a solid reputation for our dedication to quality design, manufacturing and customer service.

Rauland is a division of AMETEK Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with manufacturing, sales and service locations across the United States and other countries throughout the world.

Healthcare Solutions

Responder Enterprise

Meet the clinical communications platform and best practices engine built to evolve with your enterprise. Responder® Enterprise creates a future with unlimited possibilities for connecting patients, caregivers, and facilities. 

Responder 5000

Responder® 5000 is an easy, efficient communications solution that helps drive better productivity and satisfaction in the delivery of care at nursing homes and elder care facilities.


Education Solutions 


Telecenter U

The effectiveness of your school’s emergency response depends on a proactive approach.  Telecenter U® allows you to you take action quickly and confidently to many different crisis scenarios.

Students, teachers, staff and parents all depend on schedules for a smooth school day. Telecenter U makes managing those schedules virtually effortless – for every schedule at every school from anywhere on your network.

Paging, intercom, bells, clocks all must work together to keep every day running smoothly. With Telecenter U, communication is simple and targeted, all day, every day, to a single location, a group of facilities or your entire district.

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